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Copay’s as low as $0*
  • Curbside pickup or FREE same day delivery
  • Confidentially text with our pharmacist
  • We accept & handle all insurance plans

Dispill® Multi-dose
Packaging Available
No more guesswork, no more bottles or pill boxes!



*You could save when using a preferred pharmacy in your plan’s network. *Medicare Part D copays vary based on plan design, and $0 copays may not apply to all drugs or be available with all plans or at all pharmacies in a given plan.

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How does it work?


Medicos Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy located in West Orange, New Jersey.


The next time your doctor asks, "What’s your pharmacy?" say, “Medicos Pharmacy”. Any doctor can prescribe to Medicos. You don’t need an account before they prescribe. We’ll call you as soon as we receive your prescriptions at the phone number your doctor sent us.


It only takes a minute to transfer refills from your old pharmacy. We’ll contact your old pharmacy and transfer your prescriptions within one day.

FREE Delivery or Curbside Pickup


Once we have your prescription, we’ll text you to schedule your free delivery whenever you need it. 

We deliver within a 30-mile radius of West Orange, New Jersey.  There just needs to be someone – a friend, a family member, a colleague – to sign for your medication when it arrives.



Dispill® Multi-dose Packaging


All of your medication is sorted by dosage and time of day.

Why waste time sorting or worrying about medication? This innovative multi-dose packaging system makes everything simpler. Sorted and packaged by your pharmacist, each dose is personalized just for you.

And, they’re clearly labeled by date and time of day, giving you the comfort of knowing you took the right medication at the right time.

No more guesswork, and no more bottles or pillboxes.

Your Dispill® pack is color-coded by morning, noon, evening and bedtime doses. You'll always know exactly when to take your medication.

Pre-packaged doses safely filled by your pharmacist.

Individual, detachable blister cells for convenient medication on the go.

Individual, detachable blister cells for convenient medication on the go.

The top of each individual blister cell lists the patient's name, the medication within and the time it should be taken.

You've got better things to do
than worry about your medication

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"It's refreshing to see people that still place such high emphasis on quality customer service, with a highly knowledgeable staff!" Joseph M.

"Very professional when it comes to customer service & very prompt when having medication ready. I'll definitely be making this my primary pharmacy for all my medical needs." Mikey B.

"I love this place it's convenient and fast !" Sharon L.

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